Random thoughts on technology, cycling and the outdoors.

19 Apr 2019



Hi! My name is Rob Loranger. I like software, technology, cycling and most things outdoors.

I have previously worked as a software consultant but am currently working full-time elsewhere.

In software I’m very interested in decentralized systems, like federated platforms and alternate networks (mesh etc). I write Go, Javascript and some C++.

I have a Gitea instance at code.loranger.xyz, there is a repo for both this site content and this hugo theme, inked.

This Site

I’ve had a few sites in the past, usually with some specific theme. The trouble there was when I wanted to write about something off-topic. The goal with this new iteration is to have a place for any and all things I wish to share with you.

There is an RSS feed available @ loranger.xyz/index.xml if you want to keep up more easily.

Contact Me

There are a number of ways you can get in touch:

I also have a Mastodon account but am not very active, @robjloranger@mastodon.technology.

My Public Key is 2201794B331BE225.